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In many ways, hydrogen is the perfect fuel, and SmartFuel® Hydrogen Energy maximizes the gases unique characteristics. It is abundant, the most efficient and produces no emissions when used in a fuel cell.  It's non-toxic, can be produced from renewable resources and is not a greenhouse gas.  It's been noted in numerous studies that hydrogen may be the only alternative fuel that can simultaneously reduce a country's dependence on foreign oil and significantly reduce greenhouse gases.

These are the reasons why hydrogen is being used in a broad array of applications as a primary energy carrier.  Significant advances have been made in the use of hydrogen as a transportation fuel and a fuel for power generation.  Hydrogen can be used in an internal combustion engine or a fuel cell to generate power.  Fuel cells have the advantage of significant efficiency benefits versus the internal combustion engine, making it the primary device for the conversion of hydrogen into power.

Air Products has more than 50 years of hydrogen experience and is on the forefront of hydrogen energy technology development.  We deployed our first hydrogen fueling station in 1993, and have developed an extensive patent portfolio related to hydrogen supply and dispensing technology.  Air Products supplies liquid and gaseous hydrogen as well as a broad portfolio of fueling infrastructure solutions.

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Statement Regarding Incident in Santa Clara, CA

See the latest information regarding a 1 June 2019 incident in Santa Clara, CA. Updated 2 August.

Saudi Arabia’s First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Fueling Station

Saudi Arabia’s First Hydrogen Fueling Station

Artist rendering of Saudi Arabia’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle fueling station to be jointly built by Saudi Aramco and Air Products.


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